HACCI – UV Body Cream For Leg R SPF 50+ PA++++ 70g


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Brand from Japan: HACCI. Fashionable from beautiful legs. High-performance UV body cream that fascinates with the magic of light. Blocks UV rays, protects the skin from damage, and makes the skin transparent. Contains Actinidia polygama fruit extract, which has an excellent skin protection effect, and protects the skin from external stimuli. Coffee seed extract that suppresses the uptake of new lipids and Matecha leaf extract that works on the decomposition of excessively accumulated fat. The slimming power is strengthened by the synergistic effect of multiplying the plant components of two different mechanisms. The brilliance of real diamonds that give off beautiful light and the fine gold glitter create a three-dimensional effect with the shade of light, creating an ideal beautiful leg line with luster and cleanliness. A soft, soft green floral scent that feels like it has been poured into a gentle rain. How to use: Take an appropriate amount on the palm and gently apply it to your skin. If sweat or spend a lot of time outdoors, recommend that you reapply every 2-3 hours.


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