High-Waist Straight Leg Dress Pants


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This pair of straight leg pants in a tapered cut channels clean, minimalistic style! Bottoms are fashioned in a muted tone with crisp creases down the legs. Pants are perfect for casual or formal occasions. Available in black, gray and khaki. Color: Black, Materials: 100%Polyester, Size: 28-Hips: 90.4cm, Rise (Front): 24cm, Rise (Back): 35.7cm, Hem: 15cm, Total Length: 87cm29-Hips: 92cm, Rise (Front): 24cm, Rise (Back): 36cm, Hem: 15cm, Total Length: 87cm30-Hips: 95.2cm, Rise (Front): 24.5cm, Rise (Back): 36.6cm, Hem: 15.5cm, Total Length: 90cm31-Hips: 96.8cm, Rise (Front): 25cm, Rise (Back): 36.9cm, Hem: 15.5cm, Total Length: 90cm32-Hips: 100cm, Rise (Front): 25cm, Rise (Back): 37.5cm, Hem: 16cm, Total Length: 93cm33-Hips: 101.5cm, Rise (Front): 25.5cm, Rise (Back): 37.8cm, Hem: 16.5cm, Total Length: 93cm34-Hips: 104.8cm, Rise (Front): 26.5cm, Rise (Back): 38.4cm, Hem: 17cm, Total Length: 95cm35-Hips: 106.4cm, Rise (Front): 27cm, Rise (Back): 38.7cm, Hem: 17.5cm, Total Length: 95cm36-Hips: 109.6cm, Rise (Front): 27cm, Rise (Back): 39.3cm, Hem: 17.5cm, Total Length: 95cm, Care: Hand Wash, Machine Wash


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