INTIME ORGANIQUE – Intime Leg Treatment Cream 200ml


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Brand from Japan: INTIME ORGANIQUE. Due to changes in the environment, fatigue and swelling of the legs are a major concern for women. There is also data that 75.8% of people are not able to perform leg care firmly due to daily busyness. Intime Organique Leg Treatment Cream contains 23 plant ingredients specializing in leg problems Skin that has been loosened by external factors (temperature, air conditioning, UV rays, etc.) is tightened with natural plant ingredients while hydrating. The refreshing essential oil blend cools down cleanly. This item is recommended for people who tend to swell during standing work or desk work, those who are cold, those who are worried about dullness after exercise and dryness. A refreshing essential oil blend. Contains hibamata extract, white willow bark extract (moisturizing ingredient) that supports skin with a sense of transparency by moisturizing and glossing the skin while protecting the skin from the dryness of the outside air. Contains yellowfin bark extract, pea extract, horse chestnut seed extract (skin conditioning component), aging care that tightens and rejuvenates the skin. How to use: As if squeezing with both hands, squeeze out from the ankle to the knee. Twist the thighs up to the base of your feet so that you can grab them with your palms. Repeat 5-6 times. Pack Size -200ml


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