Pelican Soap – Nurusto CC Cream For Legs SPF 15 PA++ 100ml


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Brand from Japan: Pelican Soap. Just apply it to your legs. A slightly creamy leg cream that gives beautiful skin and beautiful legs. Naturally covers sloppy pores and dull skin. Corrects for natural beautiful skin. Since it contains a fine-looking processing powder, it gives the skin a glossy appearance and makes it look sharp and beautiful. A UV cut function that makes you happy. You can be beautiful while looking beautiful. Includes 5 beauty ingredients that moisturize your skin. A scent of peach and osmanthus that has a soft fragrance. How to use: Shake lightly with the cap securely closed before using. Be careful not to get this on your clothes, and stretch an appropriate amount on your legs. If it gets too sticky and sticky, gently wipe off the tissue. Can also be used on elbows and arms.


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